What to Do with Old Nursing Textbooks?

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Old nursing textbooks can be a burden for nursing students and professionals alike. These books can take up valuable space in a home or office and may no longer be relevant to current nursing practices. However, simply throwing away these books may not be the best solution. There are several options for what to do with old nursing textbooks that can benefit both the owner and others in need.

One option for old nursing textbooks is to donate them. Many nursing schools and libraries accept donations of nursing textbooks to help current and future nursing students. This can be a great way to give back to the nursing community and ensure that the knowledge contained in these books is not wasted. Additionally, some organizations, such as Books for Africa, accept donations of nursing textbooks to help support healthcare education in developing countries.

Another option for old nursing textbooks is to sell them. While some older editions may not have much resale value, newer editions or books in good condition may be worth selling. Online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay can be a good place to sell nursing textbooks. Alternatively, local used bookstores or consignment shops may also buy back nursing textbooks.

Overall, there are several options for what to do with old nursing textbooks. By donating or selling these books, nursing students and professionals can clear up space and help others in need.

Why Keep Old Nursing Textbooks

Nursing textbooks are a valuable resource for nursing students and professionals alike. While it may be tempting to get rid of old nursing textbooks, there are several reasons why it is beneficial to keep them.

Reference for Future Studies

One of the main reasons to keep old nursing textbooks is for future reference. Nursing is a constantly evolving field, and having access to older textbooks can provide valuable insight into how the field has changed over time. Additionally, older textbooks may contain information that is no longer included in newer editions, making them a valuable resource for studying and research.

Resale and Trade Options

Old nursing textbooks can also be sold or traded for a profit. While they may no longer be useful to the original owner, there are many nursing students and professionals who are looking for affordable resources. Online marketplaces such as eBay, TextbookRush, and BookDeal.com provide a platform for selling or trading nursing textbooks.

Donation and Contribution

Donating old nursing textbooks is another option for those who no longer need them. Libraries, non-profit organizations, and Books for Africa are just a few examples of places that accept book donations. By donating old nursing textbooks, individuals can contribute to the education and professional development of others.

Overall, keeping old nursing textbooks is a wise decision. They provide a valuable reference for future studies, can be sold or traded for profit, and can be donated to contribute to the education of others. While they may take up space and be expensive to purchase, nursing textbooks are a crucial part of a nursing education and a multi-billion dollar industry.

Renting and Selling Old Nursing Textbooks

If you are a nursing student or a nursing professional, you probably have a collection of old nursing textbooks that you no longer need. Instead of letting them gather dust on your bookshelf, you can rent or sell them and make some extra cash. Here are some options to consider:

Online Platforms

There are many online platforms that allow you to rent or sell your old nursing textbooks. Some popular options include TextbookRush, BookDeal.com, and eBay. These platforms offer a convenient way to reach a broad audience and sell your books quickly. You can also compare prices and choose the best option for your needs.

Offline Options

If you prefer to sell your textbooks in person, you can visit your local bookstore or library. Many bookstores buy used nursing books, and libraries often have book sales where you can sell your old textbooks. You can also consider donating your books to non-profit organizations that provide textbooks to nursing students in need.

Affordable Alternatives

If you are a nursing student who needs textbooks but cannot afford to buy new ones, you can buy used nursing books online or in person. Online platforms like TextbookRush and eBay offer a wide selection of used nursing textbooks at affordable prices. You can also check Facebook Marketplace or local classifieds for second-hand textbooks.

Profit from Selling

Selling your old nursing textbooks can be a lucrative business. The multi-billion dollar industry of textbook rentals and sales is constantly growing, and you can take advantage of this trend. By renting or selling your old nursing textbooks, you not only make some extra cash but also help other nursing students who cannot afford to buy new textbooks.

In conclusion, renting or selling old nursing textbooks is a great way to make some extra cash and help other nursing students. Whether you choose to sell your books online or in person, there are many options to consider. By exploring these options, you can find the best solution for your needs and make the most out of your old nursing textbooks.


In conclusion, there are several options available for nursing students who no longer need their old nursing textbooks. One option is to keep them as a reference for future use. However, if space is an issue, donating them to a library or a nursing school is a great way to give back to the community.

Another option is to sell nursing books, either through online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace or by trading them in at a resale shop. College textbooks, including nursing textbooks, can be expensive, so selling them can help offset the cost of new textbooks.

It is important to note that outdated textbooks may not be suitable for studying current medications or anatomy and physiology. In such cases, it may be best to donate them to organizations such as Books for Africa, which can distribute them to students in need.

Overall, there are many ways to repurpose old nursing textbooks, and it is up to each individual nursing student to decide which option is best for them.

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