What to Do with Old Mailbox?

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Old mailboxes can be a nuisance, especially if they are taking up space in your garage or yard. However, instead of throwing them away, there are several creative ways to repurpose them. Whether you want to use them for storage or turn them into a unique piece of decor, there are plenty of options to choose from.

One idea for repurposing old mailboxes is to turn them into a mini library. This is a great way to encourage reading in your community and give your old mailbox a new purpose. Simply install the mailbox on a post in your yard and fill it with books for people to borrow and share. You can even decorate the mailbox with paint or decals to make it stand out.

Another option is to use old mailboxes for storage. They can be a great place to store garden tools, outdoor toys, or even pet supplies. Simply mount the mailbox on a wall or post and use it as a convenient storage solution. With a little creativity, you can turn your old mailbox into a functional and stylish addition to your home or garden.

Understanding the Value of an Old Mailbox

An old mailbox may seem like a useless item that has outlived its purpose. However, it can actually hold a lot of value, both in terms of its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are some reasons why you should consider upcycling or restoring your old mailbox instead of throwing it away.


Old mailboxes were built to last, and many of them are made from high-quality materials that are no longer used in modern mailboxes. Vintage mailboxes can be repurposed as storage containers, birdhouses, or even as a decorative piece in your garden. Additionally, they can be used as a unique and stylish mailbox for your home, adding a touch of vintage charm to your front yard.

Aesthetic Appeal

Old mailboxes have a certain charm that can’t be replicated by modern mailboxes. They can add a touch of nostalgia to your home and give it a unique personality. Restoring an old mailbox can be a fun and rewarding DIY project, and it can also add value to your home.

Upcycling and Recycling

Upcycling and recycling are great ways to reduce waste and give new life to old items. By upcycling your old mailbox, you can create something new and useful while also reducing your environmental impact. Additionally, restoring your old mailbox can save it from ending up in a landfill, which is better for the environment.

Vintage Mailboxes

Vintage mailboxes are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. By restoring your old mailbox, you can increase its value and potentially sell it to a collector for a profit. Additionally, vintage mailboxes can add a unique touch to your home and make it stand out from the crowd.

Overall, an old mailbox may seem like a useless item at first glance, but it can hold a lot of value. By upcycling, restoring, or recycling your old mailbox, you can create something new and useful while also adding character to your home.

Creative DIY Projects for Upcycling Old Mailboxes

If you have an old mailbox lying around, don’t throw it away just yet! There are plenty of creative DIY projects that you can do with it. Here are three ideas to get you started:

Transforming Your Old Mailbox into a Birdhouse

One of the easiest ways to upcycle your old mailbox is to turn it into a birdhouse. All you need to do is remove the mailbox door and add a perch for the birds to land on. You can also paint the mailbox in bright colors or decorate it with stencils or stickers to make it more attractive to birds.

Using Your Old Mailbox as a Kitchen Breadbox

If you need a place to store your bread, consider using your old mailbox as a breadbox. Simply clean it out, add a shelf, and decorate it to match your kitchen decor. You can also add a lock to keep your bread fresh and prevent pests from getting in.

Creating a Wall-Mounted Organizer with Your Old Mailbox

If you need a place to organize your mail or other small items, consider creating a wall-mounted organizer with your old mailbox. You can attach it to the wall in your entryway, bathroom, mudroom, or garage, and use it to store keys, wallets, sunglasses, and other small items. You can also use Mod Podge to decorate the mailbox with scrapbook paper or fabric to match your decor.

Overall, upcycling your old mailbox is a fun and creative way to give it new life. With a little imagination and some basic tools, you can transform your mailbox into a beautiful and functional piece of decor. Check out Pinterest for more DIY mailbox projects and get inspired!

Decorating and Personalizing Your Upcycled Mailbox

Painting and Decoupage Techniques

One of the easiest and most popular ways to decorate an old mailbox is by painting it. To ensure the paint adheres well, it is recommended to sand the surface of the mailbox first. A coat of primer can also be applied before painting to help the paint last longer.

For those who want to add a unique touch, decoupage is a great option. This technique involves gluing paper or fabric onto the surface of the mailbox and then sealing it with a clear coat. It’s a great way to add a personalized touch to the mailbox and make it stand out.

Adding Functional Decor Elements

In addition to painting and decoupage, there are many functional decor elements that can be added to an upcycled mailbox. For example, a planter can be attached to the mailbox to add some greenery and color. Flowers can also be added to the planter to make it even more attractive.

Another functional decor element is to add a front porch light to the mailbox. This not only adds some extra light to the area but also makes the mailbox easier to find at night.

Overall, there are many creative ways to decorate and personalize an old mailbox. Whether it’s through painting, decoupage, or adding functional decor elements, the possibilities are endless. With a little bit of creativity and some DIY skills, an old mailbox can be transformed into a unique and eye-catching piece.

Using Your Upcycled Mailbox for Gardening and Outdoor Activities

Creating a Garden Tool Storage

After years of use, your mailbox may have lost its usefulness in delivering mail, but it can still serve as a valuable storage space for your garden tools. With a few modifications, you can transform your old mailbox into a convenient, weather-resistant storage spot for your garden tools.

To create a garden tool storage, remove the mailbox’s door and attach it to a wooden post in your garden. Then, use hooks and magnets to hang your garden tools, such as gloves and shears, inside the mailbox. This way, you can keep your tools organized and within reach when you need them.

Designing a Mailbox Planter

Another way to upcycle your old mailbox is by turning it into a planter. With a little creativity, you can transform your mailbox into a beautiful and unique planter that can be used to grow flowers, herbs, or even vegetables.

To design a mailbox planter, start by cleaning out the inside of the mailbox and drilling drainage holes in the bottom. Then, fill the mailbox with soil and plant your desired flowers or vegetables. You can even add some decorative elements, such as a rolling pin or some junk mail, to give your planter a personal touch.

By repurposing your old mailbox, you can give it a new life while also adding some functionality and style to your garden.

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